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Effortlessly automate your trades using OctoPi,
trading automation tool designed for traders with
no prior programming knowledge.

Trade Smarter,
Not Harder

Our Benefits

If a strategy is worth
trading, it's worth

Strategy works - you don't

Create a precise, high-speed, reliable, and safe automated trading strategy that runs without your interaction or supervision.

No Coding Required

You don’t need programming background. Octopi makes translating your trading logic to autonomous trading easy.

No limits to functionality

We can reference any number of charts at the same time and analyze any number of studies and variables you need to make trading decisions.

Trade with no emotions

Abstract yourself from emotion. You will be able to execute trades with computerized consistency, no emotions, no fear, no greed, no delay.

Scalable Solution

Create multiple strategies that complement each other. Capture profits in all market conditions.

Unlimited Diversification

Diversify your trading logic across multiple instruments. Take advantage of uncorrelated profit streams, smooth out your P/L.
Privacy Guarantee

Ensuring strategy privacy and data safety


It's Your Strategy, Not Ours

We understand the privacy concern when it comes to trading and we made it a priority to separate our software from your trading logic during the initial software design stages. We don't request your configurations for any reason. We don't steal your intellectual property behind the scenes. Octopi Trader has one purpose - assisting you with your trading. We don't sell any secret trading sauce, and we aren't looking for your recipes.


Your Computer - Your Configuration

Trade logic you design resides on your local computer. At no point does your config leaves the privacy of your trading PC or laptop. Nothing to upload, no cloud services to keep your trade secrets with, no nonsense. You keep full custody of your configurations.


Private Signal Sharing

Although currently in development, we plan to allow you private signal sharing for multiple trading accounts, whether yours or your subscribers/followers. Configuration remains private, only the signals are shared. This will allow you to clone your trades among multiple accounts or maintain a follower subscriber base LIVE.  

Live subscription
are coming

We are currently in paid beta. Developing this software has taken our small team multiple years and we appreciate your support as we begin distribution. Current feature set allows backtesting ONLY at a reduced monthly cost. Live trading will not require any changes on clients side, only a licensing update, which means you can get started developing your algo portfolio while we take care of legal agreements and other misc for your benefit and ours.
Octopi Trader Research

$10 / month

Access to all features
Backtesting ONLY - no Live Trading
Single User Retail
Octopi Trader - Micro Futures

$25 / month

Access to all features
Backtesting + Live Trading Micro Contracts
Single User Retail
Octopi Trader - Mini Futures

$200/ month

Access to all features
Backtesting + Live Trading
Single User Retail

Answers to the most
common questions

Is Octopi Trader a standalone testing/trading platform?

No, our software is a functionality enhancement plugin for Sierra Chart. We provide users with easy-to-use tooling to automate any trading strategy for either back testing or live trading.

Can Octopi trade across multiple charts at the same time?

Yes, our software was designed to give its users the edge in trading that isn’t achievable by click-trading. Trading multiple charts at the same time is one of the ways we achieve that.

Does Octopi come with ready-to-go strategies I can use?

Yes, we provide our users with a basic set of strategies to build upon and reference, however selling strategies is not our goal. What we include is purely intended to get a new user familiar with most of the ingredients that can be “baked” into a strategy for educational & quick startup value.

Can Octopi integrate with my “insert broker of choice” broker?

Octopi uses established, proven Sierra Chart order routing and brokerage integrations. For specific broker connection, please reference Sierra Charts support forum once you become a user

Am I able to use Octopi to create a dynamic order type that will always scale to market movement using current indicators

Yes, this is largely the reason Octopi was born. Our software allows you to sample any market indicator and base your trading decisions on the data available at the time.

I am new to trading, can Octopi Trader help me get through the learning curve of trading?

This is a complex topic, but our software will absolutely fast-track anybody through hundreds and thousands of accurately simulated results, which will showcase benefits and drawbacks of any strategy a user would like tested.

Can Octopi trade Crypto?

Octopi’s primary design and purpose is to trade futures contracts. What kinds of contracts are up to the user, but generally if there is a contract that you can get data feed for, we can help you trade it automatically.

Is Octopi back-testing accurate?

Any strategy produced using our software will generate consistent back testing trade results that translate directly to real-live execution.